Preparations for the Podlasie presentation in Dubai


At the same time, there will be presented XYLOPOLIS – a story about the relationship between modern technology and nature . “Silicon Forest” is a slogan invented to promote the city of Białystok, the capital of the Podlaskie, as the best place for growth of technological companies. XYLOPOLIS fully supports  this vision, as well as clean economy implemented in harmony with nature.

XYLOPOLIS is rooted in the reality of the Podlasie region, where forests are one of the most valuable natural resources, and first of all – wood, a raw material that has always had beneficial influence on residents and economic development of the region. XYLOPOLIS exhibition combines knowledge about nature of the region with examples of potential, creativity and achievements of the local society in many areas, such as research, new technologies and development of economy sectors as well as culture and arts.

The exhibition is to present Poland as a country who effectively combines environmental protection with economical and socio-cultural aspects of sustainable development. It is to help promote Polish achievements in sustainable forest management, biodiversity safeguarding and eco-innovation.

XYLOPOLIS exhibition will be complemented by the performance of the art team Fair Play Crew, who will present a show “Comedy powered by nature”. In addition, Adam Zdanowicz, the creator of the largest custom bike workshop in Poland, will guide visitors through the exposition of electro-mobile bicycles of the future.

All through the Podlasie Week, visitors to Poland’s Pavilion will have the opportunity to participate in family workshops conducted by students from Białystok University of Technology and the University of Białystok. The universities from the Podlasie region will present examples of modern technological solutions, such as the Mars rovers, which instead of exploiting distant planets may contribute to primeval nature protection. The promotion of pro-ecological attitudes, will be supported by conveying knowledge on building insect houses with the use of commonly available materials, provided to the visitors of Poland’s Pavilion.

Preparations for the presentation of the Podlasie region in Dubai are  accompanied by a promotional campaign, launched at the press conference held in Białystok, on 27 May 2021. As part of the campaign, there was established the XYLOPOLIS website, providing comprehensive information about the exhibition and the progress of works, and at the same time – a tool for environmental education.

The project has been implemented in partnership with the Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute, Białystok University of Technology, the University of Białystok as well as the Unitalent foundation by the Unibep group.


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