Welcome to the XyloWorlds conference in Brussels

The international XyloWorlds science and networking conference will take place on 24 October 2023 in Brussels, during which we will debate the use of natural resources in the industry, economy and medicine. Specialists from the worlds of science and business will discuss the universe of connections involving forests and wood.

The event is organised by XYLOPOLIS Centre for Wood Art and Science, the East Poland House in Brussels, the National Centre for Research and Development (Brussels Office), and Podlaskie’s Marshal’s Office. Partners of the event are the Latvian Innovation & Technology Office in Brussels and the Slovenian Business &Research Association.


We cordially invite you to take part in the event. Register for the event by writing to info@eastpoland.eu before 20 October 2023.


Conference participants will

  • Join in the discussion of how wood can be the raw material of the future, used in modern construction and engineering;
  • Understand the vision and principles of modern forest management, which cares about the preservation of natural forests, while shaping the business potential of the timber trade;
  • Learn the results of research on bioactive substances contained in wood fungi that could be the basis for the development of new cancer and civilisational disease medicine or antibiotics;
  • Explore the potential of natural raw materials and ancient medicinal methods for treating humans and animals.
  • Discover the positive impact of experiencing nature on the mental health of human beings today;
  • Hear what the response of the world of science and research is to global challenges.

The conference on trends and perspectives of global wood applications will be attended by scientists and specialists from institutions and companies that have been associated with the idea of XYLOPOLIS since its very beginning, namely the Białystok University of Technology, the University of Białystok, Unihouse S.A. The conference will be opened by Artur Kosicki, Marshal of Podlaskie, and Ewa Kocińska-Lange, Director of the Brussels Office of the National Centre for Research and Development.


XyloWorlds conference

Date: 24 October 2023, Tuesday

Location: Office of the National Centre for Research and Development in Brussels, Rue Belliard 40, 1040 Brussels, 5th floor

Concert by Karolina Cicha and Sw@ada

We would also like to invite you to a concert by artists who are closely associated with Podlaskie, taking place on 25 October 2023. Karolina Cicha is a composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from Podlaskie. Her trademark technique of playing several instruments and using the language of nature and Podlaskie’s multicultural voice will illustrate the region’s metaphysics of locality, permeated by clashes and contrasts. The artist will be accompanied by SW@da – music producer and promoter from the borderline of folk, bass electronics and hip hop. These Podlaskie musicians will perform, among others, the piece titled XYLOPOLIS composed for the promotion of the emerging Centre for Wood Art and Science

Attendance at the concert is free, just make sure to send a request to Info@eastpoland.eu before 18 October 2023.

Concert date and venue: 25 October 2023, Wednesday, Le Bouche à Oreille, Rue Félix Hap 11, 1040 Etterbeek