Unique multimedia project “Xylotherapy – Echo”

Unique sensations resulting from a combination of sounds of nature, original ambient music, and a video presenting selected trees from the Podlaskie Voivodeship – this is the shortest description of the “Xylotherapy – Echo” project. The initiative is the result of cooperation of outstanding Polish and foreign artists associated with the region. The project is created under the artistic direction of Wiktor Szczygieł, a Podlaskie-based music producer known as Sw@da. Its aim is to promote Podlaskie’s emerging cultural institution, the XYLOPOLIS Centre Wood Art and Science.

The project involves shooting ten films ranging from 30 to 60 minutes. Each of them will focus on a single, specific tree and will create a unique narrative, taking the viewer to the magical world of the forest where the trees are protagonists, each with their individual soundtrack. It is not only a work of art, but also a way to deepen the relationship between the tree and the viewer.

Podlaskie, with its rich natural heritage and protected areas, provides an excellent background for this project and inspires the creation of such works. “Xylotherapy – Echo” intends to draw local attention to the values of the natural environment of the region, where trees have been an integral part of everyday life for centuries.

Ambient music, which is the musical background for the project, fits perfectly into the project’s concept. We are tired. The contemporary human mind is bombarded with information overload, operating at full capacity, processing multitudes of complex operations. The “Xylotherapy – Echo” project conceptualises the soothing sensation of the relationship between humans and nature, and ambient music , which fits perfectly into this space, is the perfect background. Ambient is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are looking for ways to reduce stress and anxiety in everyday life. The slow (and sometimes changing) tempo helps listeners immerse themselves in the sound sphere, giving the audience enough time and space to explore its subtleties

explains Wiktor Szczygieł, artistic director of the project, a long-time music producer associated with Podlaskie, who has won recognition in many prestigious music competitions and events. The artist is also a laureate of the Podlaskie Marshal’s Award in the field of culture and created music for the purposes of the XYLOPOLIS exhibition during EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

“Xylotherapy – Echo” is not only a multimedia project, but also an invitation to reflect on the relationship between humans and nature, as well to encourage direct contact with nature. The idea not only draws from electronic media, but also encourages the recipient to live moments in an actual forest environment, inspiring them to live in harmony with nature.

Cooperation with outstanding artists from Poland and abroad will allow a unique work to be created combining modernity with the natural heritage of the region. More videos created within the project will be available on the XYLOPOLIS channel on YouTube.