The location for the Xylopolis Centre for Wood Art and Science has been found

The decision on the Centre’s location was announced by Marshal Artur Kosicki during a press conference on 5 June in the Podlaskie Museum of Folk Culture. This is where the Xylopolis Centre will be built. The recommendation was earlier approved and accepted by Podlaskie’s Board.

Three sites were being considered

As the Marshal explained, choosing the right location was extremely important as Xylopolis is unique on a global scale. Xylopolis will be visited by tourists not only from Poland but also from all over Europe. Therefore, available surface area played a decisive role. A team of experts led by architect Jan Kabac considered the merits of three sites: the campuses of the Białystok University of Technology and the University of Białystok, and the Podlaskie Museum of Folk Culture. The last location proved to be the most advantageous.

“The building is planned to be around 8,000 square metres, and – according to our forecasts, once the centre becomes popular –  may have up to 2,000 visitors every day,” said Prof. Lech Dzienis.

As much as four hectares will be allocated for the Xylopolis Centre at the Podlaskie Museum of Folk Culture. This is a large enough area for this investment.

Fot. Paweł Krukowski, Urząd Marszałkowski

Advantages of the location at the Podlaskie Museum of Folk Culture

In addition to the largest area of all the three considered sites, the location at the Museum also has other advantages. First of all, it is well connected. Additional advantages are the undeveloped area and the proximity of many historic wooden buildings belonging to the Podlaskie Museum of Folk Culture, which are ideally suited to being part of Xylopolis’s exhibition. Marshal Artur Kosicki believes that these seemingly different institutions – a science centre and a museum – will complement each other perfectly.

Fot. Paweł Krukowski, Urząd Marszałkowski

What will the Centre’s activities involve?

The Centre for Wood Science and Art is intended to be a site for modern education about all aspects of wood, which will promote art and the wood-based economy. The concept provides for three areas of activity at the centre: exhibitions, education and science, and business support.

The Xylopolis Centre is one of the strategic projects in the new regional programme – European Funds for Podlasie 2021-2027. The project will amount to € 7.9 million, which will constitute 85% of the project’s costs.


Paweł Krukowski, Urząd Marszałkowski