Expo 2020

Xylopolis in Dubai

The idea for the Centre for Wood Art and Science was born as we were getting ready for the World Expo 2020 in Dubai. Read about our assumptions for presenting Podlaskie at the EXPO and how the Xylopolis Exhibition became the heart of the event.

Podlasie Region
at EXPO 2020

The World Exhibition EXPO 2020 in Dubai will feature the presentation of the Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland, under the theme “Podlasie powered by nature”, with special emphasis put on XYLOPOLIS exposition. The Podlaskie Week to be held on 15-24 October, 2021 will promote economy, science, culture and tourism.

The framework of XYLOPOLIS gives priority to the relationship between primeval nature and modern technology. “Silicon Forest” is a slogan invented to promote Białystok, the capital of the Podlaskie Voivodeship, as the best place for growth of technological companies. XYLOPOLIS fully supports this vision, as well as clean economy implemented in harmony with nature.
With the aim of achieving XYLOPOLIS comprehensive goals, the Marshal’s Office of the Podlaskie Voivodeship invited to cooperate key Partners: the Ministry of Climate and Environment, the Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute, Białystok University of Technology and the University of Bialystok as well as the Unitalent foundation by the Unibep group.

The Podlaskie Voivodeship has a great experience in promoting the region, also at world exhibitions. Before long, at EXPO 2020 Dubai, there will be presented a fascinating story, deeply and truly rooted in the reality of the Podlasie region. Thanks to financial support provided by the Ministry of Economic Development, Labour and Technology, Project will be continued and focused on establishing a modern science and art centre – XYLOPOLIS in the Podlasie region.

The centre will be a perfect venue to promote nature of the region, the idea of “Silicon Forest” and the use of an ecological resource – wood.